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Thinking About banking your baby's Umbilical Cord Blood and/or tissue? As a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Cord Blood Educator I can help you down this invaluable journey. 

Cord Blood is currently treating over 80 diseases approved by the FDA for treatment including Leukemia's, Lymphoma's, Bone Marrow Cancer, Metabolic Disorders and many more diseases of the blood. This is just to name a few and the research is only advancing!!

The cord tissue has a different and special kind of stem cell which re-grows bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, fat and skin and reduces inflammation.
CONTACT:Melissa Keil at 800-786-7235 x2145 

"Click on the link below to get more information on cord blood and tissue        banking, enroll or to have a kit delivered to your hospital room!"

                                                      国际冷冻细胞公司 / 國際冷凍細胞公司
                                  Client Coordinator   (Chinese language for Cryo-Cell)
                                  Tel:    1.813.749.2139          WeChat ID: Carol-Boca

for english contact:mkeik@cryo-cell.com

 (Mention my name Melissa Keil, Cord Blood Educator and receive $350.00 off the regular price.) There are Chinese speaking Cord Blood Representatives, Russian speaking Cord Blood Representatives & Spanish speaking Cord Blood Service Representatives available to help you.) Special discounts for those in the Medical Field, Fire, Police and 50% off for Active Military.

I'm so glad I banked umbilical cord blood for two of my children.  I now have this extra assurance for my children's future. 

You only get one chance to preserve these precious life saving cells! If they are not collected they are unfortunately gone forever. They are a 100% match for your baby should your child ever need it to treat a disease. Many people don't know they are also a great match for siblings, Mom and Dad.  Please contact me for help and for any questions that you may have as I am a Certified Cord Blood Educator.

Collecting your baby's cord blood is  something every expecting couple should know that they have the option to do at the time of birth and should be highly considered prior to the birth of your baby. As a childbirth Educator and Birth Doula helping Mom's and Baby's is my passion so I did my research. I will not just recommend just any company to my clients. So upon my research I found Cryo-Cell to be far more superior than any other cord blood bank in the industry. That is why I only recommend them. (click on the link below for more info or if you wish to receive a kit)

I educate about cord blood banking In  Newport Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, Dana Point,  Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Placentia, Fullerton, Brea, Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills,  Tustin, Garden Grove, Cota De Caza, Lake Forest,   Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Villa Park.

My educational consults are free and are for groups or individuals and can be done by phone or in person. I work with all of the Obgyn's in OC so meeting at your Dr's office is never a problem.

Many Obstetricians recommend bankingcord blood. Most hospitals such as Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach,  Fountain Valley Hospital,  Garden Grove hospital, Saddleback Hospital, Corona Regional Medical Center and others . They also have kits available. You can ask for one when in labor although it's preferred to pre-register.

If you are birthing at Kaiser Hospital Irvine , Kaiser Anaheim , Kaiser Riverside  or Kaiser Fontana, Kaiser Corona, Kaiser Inland Empire (Vineyard), Kaiser Garden Grove,  you'll have to make sure that Cryo-Cell  sends your kit prior to labor onset or you can call them and one will be delivered to your hospital room.  It is highly recommended to order your kit prior to labor regardless of where you are birthing. 

As an Educator I did my research. I found Cryo-Cell, Intl. to be the best cord blood bank in the industry for the following reasons:

1 . Cryo-Cell's patented premium method (Prepacyte cb) removes 99.9% of the red blood cells prior to freezing ( which is very important for a successful transplant.) Cryo-Cell also recovers the most CFU'S ( COLONY FORMING UNITS) by using the (Prepacyte cb) method of processing which is the gold standard of the industry.
(Only Cryo-Cell has this patented superior method of processing.
Other procressing methods outcomes don't come close to the amount of red blood cell depletion or CFU recovery as Cryo-Cell's Prepacyte cb processing outcomes.)

2. Cryo-Cell is the only private cord blood bank that has had 100% viable stem cells upon thaw for therapeutic use . No other bank can make this statement.

3. Cryo-Cell does not use Heparin in the collection bag. The FDA recommends not using Heparin. Cryo-Cell  uses the FDA recommended Citrate Phosphate Dextrose and they use a 5 compartment blood freezer bag so you have a potential of multiple doses.

4. Cryo-Cell  has a $100,000 guarantee that your stems cells will be 100% viable upon thaw. ( That is the highest guarantee in the industry. )

5. The enrollment is free. No money is due until about 24 hours after the birth (no interest payment plans available if needed.).

6. Cryo-Cell is the worlds first cord blood bank. They are the first to separate and store stem cells over 24 years ago. They are the leaders in the industry. Cryo-Cell  is a very financially stable cord blood and are publicly traded which is VERY important because all of their financial are public information.

7. Cryo-Cell is the only private only FACT Accredited cord blood bank in the  U.S.
 FACT is the highest accreditation any private bank can earn. FACT stands for-
(Foundation of Cellular Therapy.) 
All 10 of the highest ranked cancer care centers in the United States are FACT accredited.

8. Cryo-Cell holds more cord blood patents than any other private cord blood bank.

9. Cryo Cells protective transportation kit provides 30 times more temperature control than other kits used in the industry with it's vacuum insulated panels and includes continuous temperature monitoring.

10. Cryo-Cell also owns it's own lab. Many cord blood banks only lease a lab

 I am also able to offer significant educator discounts. Call me for my coupon code to save $350.00 of the regular price of cord blood or cord blood and tissue service.

You can see Cord Blood Banking Informational Video's by clicking on the Cryo-Cell link below:

One Life Saved Video at http://www.cryo-cell.com/video-center/featured

Featured in OC Mommies:

To enroll or to learn more Contact Melissa Keil, Cord Blood Educator at 
1-800-786-7235 x2145   mkeil@cryo-cell.com
or click on the icon above

Common Questions:

Can I bank cord blood and still encapsulate my placenta? YES!

Can I let the cord pulsate, store cord blood and still encapsulate my placenta? YES!

Is collecting cord blood and / or tissue painful for the Mom or baby? Not at all!

Does collecting cord blood and / or tissue pose any risk to Mom or baby? Not at all!

*Active Militaryearns a discount of  50% off the regular price of cord blood banking 
*Special discounts for Fire, Police and Medical Professionals

                                                National Cord Blood Program