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About Dads and DOULAS
We are no longer in a time when expectant father's are banned from the labor and delivery room.   Today's expectant father's are different.
Today's father may;
 *Want to be actively involved
*Share everything with his partner
*Welcome his baby at the moment of birth
Childbirth preparation can help the expectant father to experience this special moment with confidence.
Studies have shown that when Father's have prepared with thier partner fewer cesareans are performed, there are shorter durations of labor and healthier babies are the outcomes.  With these outcomes the Father is less likely to be stressed and fatigued with anxiety over the health of his partner and new born.  Many new Mother's and Father's state their experience was enhanced because of taking childbirth preperation classes and by hiring a Doula.  The Father feels more confidence to stay more involved with their partners rather than pull away in times of stress with the re-assuring and informational support they received in childbirth preparation services. 
The "Father to be" is not expected to understand the language and process of birth therefore education is essential.   A Doula can help him to understand a woman's behavior during birth.  He may witness his partner in pain and understandably become distressed. Childbirth preperation classes are a highly valuable tool in helping the Father understand what the woman is experiencing and help him understand the normal stages of birth. 
With education the Father can share in the birth at a level at which he feels comfortable.  The  skills and knowledge that are learned during classes can help the Father-to-be feel more confident to help his partner and relaxed.