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Childbirth Services in The Inland Empire 
Contact: Melissa Keil, CD(DONA), CPD(CBI), ICCE, AAHCC 

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Hello and welcome to my site!!  My name is Melissa Keil.  I am a very proud mother of  three wonderful children.  I excitedly and with passion prepare expecting couples to give birth naturally through my Childbirth Classes and Doula Services. 
My message is this, I believe supporting women during one of the absolute most precious and fond memories of her life time is essential. I also believe labor and birth do not have to be painful.  I had a painless all natural childbirth with my third Son in 2011.  A woman just needs to be prepared, educated and supported. This process begins with childbirth education all the way through the birthing process.

 I recognize the importance of this experience that the mother and father will remember all of their lives.  I understand the needs of a woman in labor as I have been there three times myself. 
I have given birth all naturally with no pain medication what so ever so I know first hand what a laboring woman is going through and what she needs.

I also suggest looking into collecting and storing your baby's umbilical cord blood and tissue. This is a one time opportunity. Cord blood stem cells are used to treat cancer and other diseases. Please research the subject prior to the birth of your baby by clicking on the Cryo-Cell link below. Mention my name for $350.00 off.