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Testimonies for Melissa Keil, CD(DONA), CPD(CBI), AAHCC
Certified Birth Doula (DONA certified)
Certified Postpartum Doula (CBI Certified)
Certified Bradley Childbirth Instructor (AAHCC certified)
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"I am truly humbled by each and every client that has hired me to be their  Doula and/or Childbirth Educator.  My clients Thank me for all that I did but truly I am the lucky one!" ~Melissa Keil

We love Melissa!!  My husband and I took her Bradley Method class for the birth of our 2nd baby as we wanted to go a more natural route.  We ended up hiring her as our doula and I will be forever thankful that we did.  Our baby girl was breech and she helped with suggestions on things we could try at home to turn her.  Unfortunately our little girl was quite comfy with her head up and we had to have a version done at the hospital at 38 weeks, which was successful.  We thought we were going to be smooth sailing from there with a quick labor as it was my 2nd baby and I was already at 4-5 cm's by 39 weeks without having any regular contractions.  Labor hit hard at two days past my due date and we rushed to the birth center.  Melissa was awesome, she quickly met us at our house and followed us to the birth center.  We thought our baby girl would be coming within the hour but Baby Luna had other plans for us.  The contractions were quite painful and I could not get into any comfortable position.  Melissa was so helpful with suggesting different things to try and also with using counter pressure on my lower back as I was having intense back labor.  That allowed my husband to be free for me to lean on.  I was getting pretty weak but having the support team of Melissa and my husband helped to keep me motivated to keep going.  Our baby girl finally arrived and we found the reason why the pushing phase was so long.  She was posterior with a nuchal hand and 9 lbs 10 oz.  From everything I have read since her birth, we are very lucky that I didn't end up having a csection because of the combination of those three things.  And I cannot say enough how grateful I will always be to Melissa for being by my side and supporting my husband and I through this and making it possible for us to have a natural birth.  She is beyond amazing at what she does, so sweet, so knowledgable, and my hero!Posted 7/5/2014 _Lynnette Campos

Melissa is incredible!  My husband and I knew from our initial consultation with her that she would be a great resource. Melissa provided doula and placental encapsulation services for us. We also took the 12-week Bradley classes with her. We learned so much from her and she was always available to put my mind at ease. I also appreciate that she is a Christian. Pregnancy can be a scary time for first time mothers, and she helped quell my anxiety on many occasions. She was a strong advocate for me during delivery, which I believe helped me avoid an emergency c-section. My husband was very grateful for her as welll, especially in the delivery room. Melissa's expertise, guidance, and passion for what she does made my pregnancy and birthing experience much richer. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their pregnancy/delivery experiences. Also, her Bradley classes are very fun and exceptionally informative. I will definitely work with her again when it is time for baby #2. Posted 7/3/2014- Gina MacLean

"My good friend is sooo good at what she does as a doula. During a slow start to Charlotte's birth, she was able to use acupressure to help things get going as well as help Charlotte turn and pressure in just the right areas to keep me more comfortable. She does her work with a great amount of love and I am excited that she is pursuing her dream to be a midwife. Melissa Keil  a great asset to the birthing community!" - Diana Vigil

"My relationship with Melissa began with a phone call; I was at my wits end trying to find the right birth plan- one that was natural and gave me the freedom to have the baby the way I wanted to. We live at least an hour from the nearest birth center so that wasn't really an option. I found her website and was instantly drawn to her. I called with a long list of questions and she answered them all without hesitation. When she explained a home birth, my stress instantly dissipated and I knew that was the right choice for us. We spoke a few more times and I remember her saying, she was just concerned that I had a healthy birth and baby, even if I didn't book her as my doula. Her love and passion for mothers and babies was so evident and we had an instant connection. I booked her right away and knew it was the best decision!
My husband and I attended her Bradley Method classes and not only were we educated on all aspects of nutrition, the birth process and the fathers coaching role, but she created an environment where we made friends with all the other parents and have continued to keep in touch. Its been such a blessing to have new parents to talk to that are all going through the same things! 
At our birth, Melissa was a calming force. I experienced back labor and she knew exactly how to help alleviate the pain as much as possible. My husband was the greatest coach and agreed that every home birth needs a doula like her. 
She encapsulated my placenta, which was one of the best decisions! And her postpartum visit to help with breastfeeding really put my mind at ease. She's now a wonderful friend and has been someone I can text questions and concerns to and she always helps me figure them out. We are so blessed to have found Melissa and would recommend her to all of my pregnant friends!"
Posted 12/13/2013 -By Cathi Singh

"Nicole and I were referred to Melissa by a friend of ours who hired her to be their doula. The were first time parents like us and couldn't have recommended her or hiring a doula more highly. As Kaiser Permanente members, we were also informed that the only people they had witnessed able to have a natural birth were those who hired a doula.
Melissa had a great package that allowed us to attend Bradley Birth Classes and hire her as our Doula. She was a very capable classroom instructor and we could not have been more blessed to have her as our doula. She provided answers to our questions quickly during and after the pregnancy and recommended alternative solutions to problems such as gestational diabetes, which Nicole was diagnosed with. Melissa supported us in prayer as well, as she prayed for us throughout our pregnancy.
When it came time to deliver, Melissa and her assistant provided the care and attention we needed. Nicole successfully gave birth to our son without medical interventions after an abnormally intense labor. Without their support this outcome would not have been possible.
To anyone who is looking for a Doula in the Inland Empire/Orange County area, Nicole and I whole heartedly recommed Melissa Keil." -Brian and Nicole Russell
"My experience with Melissa Keil was very pleasant and thanks to her encouragement I was able to achieve a 100% natural hospital birth. I was blessed to have an awesome doula and husband as my support team. I was in labor for a total of 22 hours from beginning to end and I’m glad I had Melissa’s experience and positive attitude at my side. Things got tough but it is labor after all but it is also important for a laboring Mama to feel confidence in her abilities to labor and that’s exactly what Melissa does (instill confidence). I highly recommend for a laboring woman to have an experienced doula at their side it makes all the difference. On behalf of my baby boy Joaquin and my husband we thank Melissa for taking part in one of the most important events of my life. Thank you for making me feel powerful!"-Queta Cervantez
"Our little guy is now 10 days old and we are so happy with having Melissa serve as our Bradley instructor and at-birth doula. Our pregnancy was anything but routine; I had gestational diabetes, excess amniotic fluid, soft-markers for down syndrome during our ultrasounds not to mention our baby was measuring large for gestational age throughout the pregnancy. We had many specialists pushing us to have a planned c-section and with the support provided by Melissa we felt confident in trying for a vaginal birth, which we successfully had and delivered our 9lb 11oz "little" guy. She was a huge support not only for me as a first time mom but also for my husband, who said afterwards that "everyone needs a Melissa". We are blessed to have had her as our doula and we would highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed!"
Laura & Xavier
"I'm sitting here holding my newborn one week after delivering and I'm still in awe over my entire birth experience. I know that my husband and I have Melissa to thank for making my birth so memorable. She played such a strong role in helping us achieve the birth that we wanted. When meeting Melissa for the first time, my husband and I immediately loved her. She has a wealth of knowledge and a lot of experience helping to prepare expecting couples for the labor and delivery process and we felt comfortable with her from the start. Because of Melissa, I was able to accomplish a a drug-free, all natural birth. She assisted me through one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Her support in the L&D room was invaluable and I truly believe that I could not have done it without her. She brings with her a sense of calm and she was there to reassure me and encourage me every step of the way. I am so glad that we made the decision to hire Melissa as our doula and we are so grateful that she was there to educate us and assist us so that we were able to reach our goals. I don't think we'll ever be able to thank her enough!" Cassie and Maat Terranzone
"As I am sitting here trying to think of what to say about my experience with Melissa as my doula I am left with one word...AMAZING!!!! Melissa was more than a just my doula, she was an inspiration to me and she was my  friend in a time of need. I am one of those people that has to know EVERYTHING about anything... (I am researching on google like everyday) and Melissa was so informative and patient with me when I had questions. She is extremely knowledgable about the birthing process and if she doesn't know the answer she will find it! I can assure you of that!  She was there for me everytime I needed information or just an encouraging word... not only on my son's birth day but month's before and after his birth. She truly believed in me and I don't know that I could have had a completely natural birth without her. I HIGHLY encourage you to hire her as your doula. Even though I will be experienced next time I have a child I think I might just have to hire her again so she can hold my hand." :) -Aubrey Newman
"Melissa Keil is an amazing doula with years of experience. I wouldn't have been able to get through natural child birth without her coaching and expertise. She knew just what to say and do to calm me, which is no easy task because I have a hard time relaxing. She prepared me for labor from helpful exersices and proper nutrition to relaxation techniques and positioning. She knows how to effectively communicate with the hospital staff to make sure they follow your birth plan which was very important to me. I would reccomend Melissa to anyone who wants to have a calm natural child birth."- Ava Jones
"Our little guy is now 10 days old and we are so happy with having Melissa serve as our Bradley instructor and birth doula. Our pregnancy was anything but routine; I had gestational diabetes, excess amniotic fluid, soft-markers for down syndrome during our ultrasounds not to mention our baby was measuring large for gestational age throughout the pregnancy. We had many specialists pushing us to have a planned c-section and with the support provided by Melissa we felt confident in trying for a vaginal birth, which we successfully had and delivered our 9lb 11oz "little" guy. She was a huge support not only for me as a first time mom but also for my husband, who said afterwards that "everyone needs a Melissa". We are blessed to have had her as our doula and we would highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed!"-Laura and Xavier Pfister
"I attended Melissa's Bradley birthing class. I came about her class online
and contacted her through email and text. She was a great help right away!
She I one of the sweetest persons I have ever met and without her I wouldn't
have been able to get through my pregnancy and birth as well as I did
because my husband was and still I away fulfilling his duty to out country.
Thank God he was able to make it to the birth of our baby boy. Not only was
she an amazing instructor during our classes but she was a huge help during
my labor and birth of or our son. She helped keep my mom and I informed and
motivated During my 24 hour labor!  She is an inspiring woman who I look up
to as a big sister because we have became pretty close. Even after the birth
of our son she is still just a text or a phone call away whenever I have a
question or concern about anything I am struggling with because I'm a first
time mommy and without her help, motivation and inspiring word now I think I
would have already given up breast feeding. It was tough at first but I
thank God for her because she has made things a lot easier!!"
-Rebecca J.
"The Lord blessed my wife and I with this amazingly passionate lady. He provides! Praise Him!! He used her to support us and guide us. These last few days are forever burned into my brain. Thank you Little Papoose Birth Doula for doing what you do. " — Michele Barnes and Brad Barnes.
"My experience with Melissa as our Birth Doula has been an absolute blessing;  I contacted Melissa when I was 8 weeks pregnant and we immediately clicked.  She was so knowledgeable and understanding that I felt like I had known her for years and knew I could trust her.  She listened to all our wishes and was so supportive.  Melissa was an answer to my prayers.  She checked in with me continually to make sure everything was okay and was available any time I needed her to answer questions or when I wanted her opinion or help. My first OBGYN was terrible and I left so frustrated.  We were limited with our HMO insurance but Melissa immediately jumped in and helped me find the perfect Doctor that would be on board with my desires for delivery, etc.  She also helped me in research on hospitals, chord blood (and letting it pulsate), health information, and so many other resources .  The birth went exactly how I wanted it to - she prepared our birth plan that was so detailed and helpful and prayed with and for us.  The positions for labor were so helpful and I made it through the 15 hour labor and birth of my first son with absolutely no drugs and with no interventions.  I didn't feel pressured and I had so much support that I was able to focus on the labor rather than worry about all the little things.  After the birth she came to visit us at our house to make sure all was going well with latching, etc. and brought us a gift and many helpful resources for me.  She was all over it and so prepared for everything throughout the pregnancy and the delivery.  I would recommend her to anybody; She will support you and help you in any way she can to help you to have the most amazing experience.  You can see her passion for what she does.  She loves supporting women in whatever their desires are for birth. "-Holly Kasper
"Having Melissa as my doula was the most incredible blessing I've received in a LONG time (not counting my darling baby, of course!)
I found Melissa by chance, a mere week before my son was born.  My husband was serving in Afghanistan and I truly don't know how I would have gotten through my most difficult labor and delivery without her. Melissa took time to research a couple of issues I was having and called me with some helpful suggestions to keep me comfortable in my final week, which I GREATLY appreciated. My labor was surprisingly long (compared to my first three) and more painful than the others had been.  Melissa was there to massage my feet, keep me calm, and laugh at my corny jokes throughout.  We figured out pretty quickly that the slow progress and extra pressure in my low back meant that the baby was in the OP, or "Sunny Side Up" position, and again Melissa came through with suggestions for positions that would keep me as comfortable as possible. She gently reminded me of things I'd told her I planned to do to cope, and she encouraged me when I came up with new ideas during labor. Her entire focus was on helping me have this baby MY way. She calmly and gracefully handled every 'plot twist' in my labor and birth, and kept me calm and focused. When baby Thomas made his entry into the world, Melissa grabbed my camera and captured the MOST PRECIOUS picture I have from any of my births - baby on my chest, and my sister-in-law in tears holding my cell phone next to baby, with my husband on the other end from the other side of the world, hearing our son's first cries. The very best part of having Melissa there for this labor and delivery was that she always KNEW when to step in and help me through a contraction, and when to simply observe and BE there with me.  She was incredibly caring, intuitive, and professional throughout." -Gaile Gonzales
"Melissa was our Doula at our home birth. We met a few times during my pregnancy and I could tell, that she really cares and loves her work. She was always very reliable and punctual and was also very supportive after birth. She is a very caring person and has an amazing positive attitude - which is so welcome during labor. We felt, that she really wanted to get to know us to make our dream home birth possible. This helped so much to feel comfortable during such an live changing event. She just loves babies, takes good care of the mommy, comforts the daddy and even entertains the siblings, if necessary. We couldn't have asked for more. Thanks so much, Melissa. You were wonderful"-Gerda Steiner
My name is Elizabeth Moreira and I recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl with the help of Doula, Melissa Keil. I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I wanted a Doula by my side. I had a previous experience with a Doula in the birth of my 1st daughter. After interviewing multiple doulas and asking just about every question we could think of, we found Melissa! Melissa was absolutely amazing before, during and after my daughter's birth. She has an outstanding personality. She is very warm and open which was the entire reason we selected her as our Doula. It was so great to have someone we connected with on a personal level that was also a true professional in her field. During our prenatal appointments we went through many techniques and developed a birth plan that suited what my husband and I wanted for our delivery.
When it was time for the real thing my husband and I couldn't seem to remember what to do but Melissa arrived just in time to calm the situation and help with pain coping techniques and ways to breathe and distract through contractions.
My labor went so quickly there was barely time to think but Melissa was right there reminding me to breathe and relax and helping my husband apply pressure to help with the pain. My daughter's birth was such an amazing experience, pain and all, it was just so great to have Melissa there to help guide us through it and encourage me. She was so full of positive reinforcement even when I felt I wasn't doing the best that I could be.
For anyone looking for an amazing Doula, my husband and I highly recommend Melissa Keil!"
 -Elizabeth Moreira

" Melissa was amazing and was a big part of our birth experience being positive. She was great at coaching my husband and I thru each contraction. She is vey knowledgeable and was able to explain things to us so we could ask questions of the hospital. We faced challenges from the hospital staff, Melissa remained calm and positive and was our biggest cheerleader. We are so glad that we utilized her services it was well worth it.-"-Toni Jauregui
"Melissa, Thank you so much for attending our baby's birth on such short notice.  Your presence was great.  Thank you for recommending that I touch the baby's head as I was birthing her.  It's an experience I will never forget... So amazing! - Pamela Holland
"My experience with Melissa was an amazing one!  I called her at the last minute, wanting a Doula for my birthing experience that was happening that evening.  She told me she was available and we met before I checked in to the hospital.  Since I was a last-minute client, we didn't get to have the prenatal appointments, but we clicked like we had.  She made sure my needs and wants were met, and I couldn't be more appreciative.  Melissa is a very empathetic, understanding, kind-hearted person, with a huge, amazing heart!  I have moved out of state but will be flying her out so I can have her with me at my next birthing experience!"- April Krowel
"Melissa, I really appreciate having you at the labor because you made me feel much more comfortable and the process was faster and easier."- Myrna Sanchez
"Melissa gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to get through the end of my pregnancy and through all the stages of labor. After I reached 41 weeks of pregnancy I was faced with a hard decision, to make an appointment to get induced. My doctor agreed to let my pregnancy go until 42 weeks, however because of hospital availability and labor day weekend fastly approaching, the only availability the hospital had for me was 41 weeks and 1 day. I was devastated. I didn't want to cancel my appointment and potentially go over 42 weeks of pregnancy, but I didn't want to be induced either. I called Melissa and she gave me some options and some much needed advice. Ultimately I ended up canceling my appointment, and the very next morning my water broke anyway. Living in Murrieta, I had fears of Melissa not being able to get to me in time during labor. This was far from the truth. Melissa was constantly contacting me and was at my home in no time. One of the biggest reasons I seeked a doula was out of fear my husband would get frustrated with me during labor and wouldn't know how to help me. Melissa coached him through the entire labor and with his and her help, labor was very manageable. I am so grateful that Melissa was able to help us. Melissa was constantly checking up on my through my pregnancy and even now that my son is just over one week old I still hear from her on almost a daily basis. We had our troubles breastfeeding in the beginning and Melissa came to our home to help address the issue. She even contacted a lactation consultant that was a friend of hers for some extra advice. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone who was thinking of having a doula through their labor and I would definitely look to her again for my future children to come. She has become a great friend and after all we have been through she seems even more like family. Thank you for EVEYTHING, I really couldn't have done it without you! I am so happy to say "I did it."
- Jessica Jones
"Melissa- Thank You for everything you have done for us.  We truely appreciate it!  Not only were you there as support as my Doula but you've become one of our closest friends!"  Love- Amber, Matt and Baby Mason
"What words can describe my Postpartum Doula Melissa Keil? We can start with kind, patient, loving, spiritual, knowledge, comfort, easy, gentle and awesome are just a few. My labor wasn't easy and I only wish Melissa could have been there for the birth of my son Harley. I know if I have another child, she will be. She was definitely such an important part of my healing as well as bonding with my boy. She traveled a long way to see us and never mentioned it. Her comforting presence helped me through some really tough times. I cannot recommend her enough. She is truly a gift. I feel honored to have met her and so grateful for her help." - Debi Bradshaw
" Hi, It is my please to recommend Melissa Keil for her service's as a Doula.  I first met Melissa at the hospital the day my Daughter was born.  Melissa and I had arranged to meet a month before my due date, but fate stepped in and I went into premature labor at 35 weeks.  I contacted Melissa when I got to the hospital and she immediately re-arranged her schedule to be there for me.  Fortunately,  Melissa's kindness, preperation and experience put me and my Husband right at ease.  She was caring, informative and very professional to all the hospital staff.  She was supportive to my Husband and I both every step of the way.  It was a very scary and exciting day for us and Melissa was grea at keeping us calm and focused. Please don't hesitate to hire her.  You will not be disappointed!" -Ted and Heidi Barlow
"AMAZING! The one word that defines my personal experience with Melissa!! I hired Melissa with the intent of a natural birth. I had had a natural birth with my DD but it wasn't the birth experience that I really wanted in a natural birth. My husband was great, but something, someone was missing...that someone was Melissa. When I interviewed Melissa I instantly knew that we were a match! Melissa is an honest person who meets the expecting family where they are (emotionally and with their birth desires) and works with them to reach their birth goals. She does not impose her opinions or views on you in any way shape or form. Melissa is a wealth of information but allows you to decide what is right for you and YOUR birth. I had an interesting situation with the birth of my son~at 37.5 weeks he decided to turn breech on me...For the next 3 weeks Melissa worked with me, gave me suggestions and resourses to get my DS to flip. We were texting and/or talking multiple times a day.  I tried all that she suggested (breech tilts, to acupuncture, to moxibustion, the list goes on) but DS was a stubborn sucker and would not flip. Although Melissa would have supported me with a breech natural delivery, she supported me where I was at~not forcing it on me~and, although not my desired delivery, Melissa supported me through a C/S. Melissa has taken the fees paid to her and transefered them to post partum services and has been a HUGE help around the house and with my 22 month DD. Melissa responds promptly to text messages and phone calls. If we decide to have a 3rd child we will hire Melissa again to support us through a VBAC. I strongly reccomend Melissa becuase you are not only hiring a doula, you are meeting a life long friend".- Joanna Magana
"My experience with Melissa as our Birth Doula was an absolute blessing. This was my first baby, and I knew I wanted to have a natural birth as possible. At first I wanted to have my baby at a birth center, but because our insurance didn’t cover the costs, we started searching for another option. My mom suggested a hospital birth with a doula to help make all our wishes for a natural birth possible, and so I began searching for a doula. I found Melissa when I was around 8 weeks pregnant. She was so knowledgeable, understanding and friendly that I felt like I had known her for years and knew I could trust her. She listened to all our wishes, concerns, and fears that come with first-time moms, and was so supportive. She always checked in with me to make sure everything was okay and was available any time I needed her to answer questions or when I wanted her opinion or help. Melissa was absolutely amazing before, during and after my daughter's birth. She is very warm and open, and was just like a mom to me. It was so great to have someone that was so personable that was also a true professional in what she did. The birth didn’t go exactly how we planned or wanted it to, but we were SO glad we had Melissa there to help us and calm our fears and help us make the best decisions for the circumstances. She was awesome in helping with pain coping techniques and ways to breathe and distract through contractions. My labor was 36 hours, and Melissa was there for us through it all, going above and beyond for us. There is no way I could’ve done it without her! My husband and I would recommend her to anybody; She will support you and help you in any way she can to help you to have the most amazing experience possible. "- Heather Felix
"Hi Melissa!
I just wanted to tell you again that we really enjoyed your class and that we appreciate you meeting with us.  I am so glad that we were able to get all those good reminders and tips from you! I will definitiely be passing your info along to all pregnant mommas I know around here.  It is very apparent that  you love what you do, and I can see how/why you are going to begin midwife training too!  You will be a wonderful midwife.  If we didn't already have a family friend as a doula, I would have loved to have you as ours.
It was great to finally meet you.  Have a great day!
-Sincerely, Allison (& Frank!)  :)"
I am proud to say that ALL of my clients have been happy and very satisfied clients and ALL are willing to be my references. Just ask and I will be happy to provide you with thier names and numbers to call as references.